About SOSF

About the Sowing of Seeds Foundation

The "Sowing of Seeds Foundation" is a 501 C 3 non-profit registered with the NC Secretary of State. Our primary focus is on the development and empowerment of Youth within the Pitt County area of North Carolina with hopes of expanding into other counties in our State. This Non-profit Profile has been custom written and designed for the purpose of providing information to the Public about who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Our core mission is to have a "positive powerful impact on the youth we serve" and the SOSF will accomplish this through our own programs and initiatives as well as through those we participate in through our cooperatives. As a new non-profit SOSF will seek to form mutually beneficial cooperative partnerships and strategic alliances as well as coshare facilities to keep our initial overhead costs down.

This Non-profit Profile is not intended to be a full business plan, it is more of a snapshot showcasing our operations and the key elements that make us a good candidate for financial support by others. This document will be used, in part, to solicit other entities for funding that we will use to support our youth initiatives however that is not the only use for this document. The SOSF will actively seek to build our own initiatives as well as to support the initiatives of our cooperatives.

Your reply communications are welcomed and we are excited about working with you to have a positive impact on the youth within the areas we serve.

Founder & Director

Sybil Kearse