The Sowing of Seeds Foundation, hereafter referred to as SOSF, is a 501 C 3 Non-profit Organization registered with the NC Secretary of State and does not operate as a for profit business. Our primary focus is educating and empowering the Youth we serve. Because we serve mainly Youth all members of our staff, all mentors, all volunteers and any individual given access to the Youth we serve are screened and undergo an in-depth background check before we allow them access of any kind. Our intentions are pure and our non-profit will seek to utilize all funds obtained on an annual basis. The exception, if any at all, is that the SOSF will seek to allocate specific funds received for the financial security of our organization under applicable legal guidelines. Some of our staff are paid and others are volunteer. Our financial resources are obtained through private, public and governmental contract work, grant fund(s) and a variety of discretionary funding the SOSF is able to seek and obtain. In addition the donations we receive are allocated transparently however we must disclose that any request for information is subject to prior approval by the SOSF. Some requests for information may not be available due to our responsibility to protect the privacy rights of certain individuals, agencies and/or groups who wish to remain anonymous. Additionally the information we provide online and in digital and/or printed material(s) are subject to change without notice as we evolve our operations. As of 2017 the SOSF is a new entity going through our organizational development relative to our structure and foundation for the delivery of the services we provide. We do not currently have a Board of Directors however we are making formal solicitations now for non-paid board positions. The SOSF does have a seasoned Team of Consultants, Mentors and Legal Professionals who are providing guidance and services. Initially the SOSF will have a limited scope of operations however as we evolve and form mutually beneficial cooperative partnerships our reach and services will likely expand. For additional information use our CONTACT US page and we would like to thank you for your understanding. Please visit our website often for updates.