Our Programs

Educational Programs


G.E.D and Adult High School Diploma Program

The SOSF will directly, and/or as a cooperative partner, facilitate the academic instruction of the youth we select for this program and help each individual achieve their own diploma award.


Jumpstart Educational Programs

The SOSF will administer the delivery of additional education programs that will empower the youth we serve and some of these may infact be;

a.) public speaking,
b.) job interviewing skill development,
c.) infant childcare for young mothers,
d.) public educational programs approved by the judicial system and other agencies for various types of youthful offenders and
e.) others created by the SOSF for the purpose of providing education that impacts the youth we serve.


Conduit Programs

The SOSF will be a "conduit" responsible for the transitioning of "required program completion" for youth who have been referred to us by a referring agency where we follow a predetermined schedule of information delivery that may include the testing of each student to ensure the required information was absorbed.

Mentoring Programs

Structured Mentoring Programs

The SOSF will mentor youth using volunteer mentors and others who are interested in empowering the youth we serve.

Recreational Mentoring Programs

We will create and manage recretional meatoring programs that include field trips, visits to other non-profit and organizational facilities where our mentors will engage the youth on a more relaxed and fun level.

Individual and Group Counseling

Under the supervision of a licensed professional working for the SOSF as a contractor or a member of our personnel, we will work with local social services and other agencies to counsel youth on an individual and group level.